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7 Unhealthy Sweets

    unhealthy snacks
  • Sweets are considered unhealthy due to lots of sugar and preservatives these contain. Read which are the most unhealthy sweets that you and your children should avoid.

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Dirty Dozen

    dirty dozen
  • Pesticides have been linked to respiratory problems, memory disorders, skin conditions, depression, birth defects, a higher rate of miscarriage, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer.
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Clean Fifteen

    silence of heart
  • These 15 fruits and vegetables are considered safe and are on the list of the least contaminated by pesticides foods. The list is updated each year by the Environmental Working Group. So keep up for updates.
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Processed Food Problem

    processed food
  • Let's focus on processed food problem. In a study published in the journal BMJ Open, scientists found that nearly 60% of an American’s daily calories come from "ultraprocessed" food.
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Common sleep mistakes

    sleep mistakes
  • Drinking stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol before going to sleep is one of many mistakes we made.
    Find out what are other mistakes people tend to make.
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7 Reasons Why Alpha Music is a Better Option than Drugs

    alpha music
  • Misuse of painkillers represents three quarters of the overall problem of prescription drug abuse.
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