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Orange Grove Siesta - natural sleep aid, music for sleep

orange grove siesta Insomnia Treatment – natural drug-free treatment for insomnia. Recommended for people with busy minds, children with sleeping problems.
Insomnia is a serious disorder, and effective treatment can be crucial to getting the sleep you need. An exceptional treatment for insomnia, this CD is especially popular with women when an overly busy mind which prevents sleep. It provides a calm atmosphere in the home, classroom or office. Reiki masters in particular recommend this CD. Composed and performed by John Levine, his accompanying musicians improvise throughout the piece and their sound experiments create variance in timbre, without disturbing the overall artistic music expression. The compositions are enriched by a variety of balanced and well-matched instruments. The mesmerising tones of the Australian digeridoo weave through the music, adding an entrancing quality and special depth.

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Reported Listener Benefits

* Insomnia sufferers; rapid relief from sleeping problems.
* Inspires creativity, aids communication
* Helps create a co-operative atmosphere, for example, when children are at creative play
* Deeply calming: helps when taking time out and with sleeplessness
* Restless children? Highly recommended
* Settles and calms whirling thoughts
* Natural cure for insomnia (busy mind, popular among women and children)
* Natural sleep aid
* Excellent for high security dementia wards
* ADHD – excellent help for teachers and parents

Composer and pianist, John Levine, based this work on the centuries–old use of pentatonic and lydian scales. Musical tension builds up slowly with no rush or rough discords. The spherical sounds can bring you to an alpha state within 4 minutes.

John Levine has vast experience as a composer and as a teacher of meditation. He believes that music has a powerful effect on the brain and can be designed to induce specific positive changes in mood and behaviour.


That night I put it on to play and lay down on my bed. Again I felt as if I had wings, so quiet and serene. For the first time in 22 years, I fell asleep without pills.
Cynthia Hearne, 22 years insomnia sufferer

It’s as if John’s Orange Grove Siesta cd trains the brain how to fall asleep effortlessly and without the worries and busy mind syndrome. Both me and my mother couldn’t sleep well for the last couple of years. Since I attended John’s talk and started using Orange Grove Siesta, I have slept very well. Alphamusic really works! I put the cd on for my dog as well to hear whilst I go to the bathroom at night before bedtime. Would you believe that my dog falls asleep! In the morning usually my dog was waking me up but now I am waking the dog up! I would say that this music is the best natural insomnia treatment.
Deborah Robinson, insomnia sufferer

Still I ordered almost wearily Orange Grove Siesta cd for insomnia and Silence of Peace. They came the next day and I duly dusted off my walkman as I climbed into bed. This was the woman who slept about 3 hours and woke every 45 mins. The improvement happened from night one, now just one week later I am sleeping 6 to 7hours. If I wake – which is becoming rare I simply tune in again! I haven’t heard the end of the C.D. yet. For me you out shine from the rest! Thank you John Levine it feels as if you have all but saved my life.
Sue Rugg, insomnia sufferer