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Are you having trouble sleeping?
my little sea shell Are you suffering from a sleep disorder or insomnia? Or are you simply looking for a natural sleep remedy to see you the whole night through? Alphamusic™ is the perfect solution for you.

A recent worldwide study revealed the sleeping habits of individuals across the globe, and of all 50 countries surveyed, not a single one achieved the recommended amount of 8 hours sleep a night. In our 24/7 digital world, it’s easy to understand why the rates of sleep disorders are on the rise. We just have to check one more email, publish one more update and make one more call; modern technology seems to be having a profound effect on our rest, and is leading to more and more diagnosed sleep disorders.

There are many issues that cause sleep problems. From stress at work, relationship issues and personal traumas, our lives can be full of hurdles that prevent a good night’s sleep. Whilst many people resort to sleeping pills, these have proven to not only be physically damaging, but mentally damaging too. Many people develop a dependency, and can’t sleep as a results of them, meaning you’re back at square one.

Lack of sleep – or lack of good sleep – has routinely been highlighted as a real threat to personal health. The general consensus is that 8 hours of sleep is the general amount needed in order to be able to function properly. Whilst some need more and some need less, not getting the right amount can not only leave you feeling tired, it can have a profound effect on your health.

A lack of good quality sleep can disrupt your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to illness. It can also affect your mental wellbeing, lower your sex drive, cause you to put on weight and even decrease fertility. Long–standing sleep deprivation has even been linked to increased risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Alphamusic™ can help you sleep

Sleep music has proven time and time again to be an effective natural sleep aid, and can assist in relieving everything from insomnia to interrupted sleep. As a tried and tested natural sleep remedy, Alphamusic™ works by regulating the alpha waves in your brain, relaxing your mind and lulling your body into a state that is referred to as the ‘alpha state’.

In the alpha state, electrical activity in the mind is decreased from the waking beta level of 14–21 cycles per second (CPS), to 7 to 14 CPS. As such, the brain is de–cluttered of unnecessary thoughts and distractions, and your mind and body are vastly more relaxed. This enables you to tackle insomnia and any sleeping disorders and finally achieve a good night’s sleep.

This doesn’t only apply to those who have trouble getting to sleep, it also applies to those who find themselves waking up throughout the night. Playing sleep music throughout the evening – either through headphones or out loud – can help settle issues of broken sleep, where individuals find themselves waking up throughout the night.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try Alphamusic™ to see how it can help you. Based on customer feedback, we recommend the following titles:

Men: Silence of Peace
Women: Silence of Peace, Orange Grove Siesta, Silence of Heart, Amber
Children: Silence of Peace, Orange Grove Siesta
Babies: My Little Sea Shell, Orange Grove Siesta

For personal use, you can purchase the titles as either an MP3 download or a home use CD. For professional use, you can purchase a license to use the music as part of your therapies.

Silence of Peace vol1

    silence of peace
  • Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Concentration
  • Dyslexia, Dementia, Pain Relief
  • Autism, Animals, Phobias

Orange Grove Siesta

    orange grove siesta
  • Insomnia Busy Mind
  • Insomnia Children
  • Creativity, Collaboration

Silence of Heart

    silence of heart
  • Depression, Phobias
  • Insomnia depression related
  • Grief, Loss, Emotional Blockages


    concentration music
  • Insomnia Linear thinking
  • Insomnia popular among men
  • Meditation

My Little Sea Shell vol1

    my little sea shell
  • Night Terrors
  • Insomnia Children
  • Insomnia Babies, Separation Anxiety

My Little Sea Shell vol2

    brainwaves music
  • Night Terrors
  • Insomnia Children
  • Insomnia Babies, Separation Anxiety

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Read the feature in Telegraph and Daily Mail:

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sue rugg insomniaIt feels as if you have all but saved my life
After taking a homeopathic remedy over 4 years ago have been dealing with ptsd at I would say at almost its very worse level. My friend told me about you but I had a collection of very similar music already! Still I ordered almost wearily Orange Grove Siesta cd for insomnia and Silence of Peace. They came the next day and I duly dusted off my walkman as I climbed into bed. This was the woman who slept about 3 hours and woke every 45 mins. The improvement happened from night one, now just one week later I am sleeping 6 to 7hours. If I wake – which is becoming rare I simply tune in again! I haven’t heard the end of the C.D. yet. For me you out shine from the rest! Thank you John Levine it feels as if you have all but saved my life.

insomnia I managed to free myself from sleeping pills
I would just like to thank you for creating the Orange Grove Siesta CD. After being on sleeping pills for eight years, I managed to free myself from them just by listening to your CD for a couple of weeks. I have a bipolar disorder, which some also call sleep disorder, since it invariably affects the sleep of the patient. I was given the CD as a present and at first was reluctant to believe that it would do me a lot of good, however it transpired that it was a most welcome, great surprise that your CD was so effective. God bless you John Levine, and your team.

* Stress and Anxiety
* Concentration and ADHD
* Pain Management
* For Children